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Available Services

Stereo Mastering

Our standard mastering service. We work on a single stereo file, your mixdown, in our fully equipped studios. We make the quality of your song to fit as best on all platforms, according to nowadays standards.

Premium Mix & Mastering

Our most complete service. Working on both full mixing and mastering we are able to provide as accurately as possible the best result. We also offer a detailed consulting on your arrangement and production. 

Stem Mastering

Our advanced mastering service. We work with up to 6 stems to bring out the best potential of your songs and reach the maximum in sound quality.

Additional Production

If your track is good but lacks something we can help you adding or swapping some elements in it, working together on the arrangement and the sound design.

Full Mixing

Our standard mixing service. We work with all your stems to shape every element of your song to achieve an expensive sound. After the mixing process the track is ready for mastering.


Groove Eater Academy is a brand new program developed for up-and-coming music producers. It includes beginner & advanced music production courses, 1to1 tutorials, events, and Top Artist/Engineers masterclasses. Creating an ecosystem where aspiring producers can help each other and improve together!


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